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Motivation: reality, acceptance, and ways to improve.

Although everyone lacks motivation at one time or another, an occasional motivation lapse is the most anyone is generally willing to confess to his or her peers. Unfortunately, that is not reality. If honest about it, people regularly fail to accomplish all that they are capable of, if only they had enough motivation. Most people do not hold themselves accountable for their motivational shortcomings. Acknowledging and holding oneself accountable for motivational shortcomings is a necessary step to achieving one’s highest potential in all aspects of life. After one acknowledges his or her shortcomings, he or she can look at ways of facilitating his or her own motivation, which can improve happiness and performance. An agile development approach can help not only be efficient with business procedures, but also enhance motivation.
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Ensuring Data Integrity with Ruby on Rails

While you can always fix a bug, you cannot always recover of inconsistent data.

In this blog post, I’ll describe some practices and techniques I use to prevent inconsistent data from silently ruining your companies’ most valuable asset: its database.
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Building Web Apps with Active Admin

We’ve been building a few web apps using Active Admin with great success. While Active Admin was primarily designed to create application back-ends, it is a great framework for building the customer facing part of Web Applications.
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Determining Presidential Approval using Twitter

Determining the popularity of our elected officials has typically been the responsibility of polling companies who generate the samples, process the data and deliver the reports. The world of polling, however, is changing. Due to the explosion of social media, an abundance of data and inexpensive tools are available to those who want to generate their own conclusions about pretty much anything that generates public information. My friends and I, all enrolled in the same artificial intelligence course at the University of British Columbia, decided to harness this abundant data and our newly aquired AI knowledge to build a system that could determine the popularity of the President of the United States on any given day based on Twitter traffic.
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