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Hiring Developers: A Guide for Recruiters

Over the summer, I was invited to speak with the recruiting team at the S.I Systems Vancouver office. I popped in and delivered a lunch and learn style presentation with the goal of helping their team better distinguish top-tier developers from the not-so-top-tier developers. Recruiters constantly face this challenge, and given most of recruiters have little to no programming background, it is necessary to address to the issue. Below is an excerpt from the presentation.
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Emily Key Featured on

Congratulations to REVERB Co-Founder, Emily Key, for being featured on YEDaily – Young Entrepreneur Daily.

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Hackathons: Are Quality Web & Mobile Apps Built in a Day?

While hackathons are proving to be very trendy, I often worry that (our clients in particular) expectations of what professional software developers can deliver in 48 hours will become unrealistic.
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Creating REVERB

Companies are always concerned about their brands. How customers and clients perceive a company’s corporate image is directly correlated to a company’s success.  But what about newer companies who don’t yet have the long-standing customer relationships or  glossy reputation to use in their development of a brand?
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