At REVERB, we understand the uniqueness of each product, the speed at which business changes and the importance of time to market. That's why we follow an efficient iterative design and development process that keeps your users' requirements at the forefront of the project.


The Sound

Phase 1: Learn & Document

The first step is all about you and your goals.  What are your wants and needs? Who are your customers? What do your customers want and need from your software?

Our team will assess your current business, application users, market plan, and high level implementation details. We will contribute to your idea, and fine-tune the concept into descriptors we gauge through a variety of metrics.

At the end of this phase we have documented a set of project goals, a description of the user types, and a set of high level use cases describing how the application will be used.


The Amplitude

Phase 2: Analyze, Brainstorm & Design

The next step is to analyze the high level use cases and design an innovative solution that meets your business goals and requirements.

Our multitalented team will work with you to ensure that the technology plan fits with your envisioned user experience. We will design wireframes that describe the major use cases and customer flows of the software.

At the end of this phase, we will have a set of wireframes, design mocks and technology choices that will direct us into the construction phase.


The Echo

Phase 3: Iterative Construction

The construction phase is where production development begins. We work in short iterative cycles, deploying software builds for your review every week or two.

At the beginning of each iteration, our team prioritizes its tasks with you to ensure that the most important use cases are being developed and that any new feature requests are being planned for.

We craft high quality, well tested code that withstands the changes required of production business software. We believe that a base of clean, well designed, and thoroughly tested code leads to faster development turnarounds over the long haul.


The Absorption

Phase 4: Implementation & Training

Finally, we integrate. For some, this simply means turning the staging server into the production server and telling the world. For others it means executing a rollout plan across many business units within their organization.

Whatever your business’ needs, our number one priority is ensuring an efficient execution and integration of the systematized plan.

You have the option to take advantage of a convenient maintenance agreement that is customizable to your changing needs, or to phase us out of your project team, allowing us to facilitate internal hires for you.